That’s the enormity of the problem!

Higher Education and Employability for Neurodivergents in India offers a grim picture.

Going by global statistics 1 in 7 are neurodiverse. So, the Total Addressable Market in India alone is 197 million neurodiverse people of which 10% are dyslexic, 5% are dyspraxic, 4% have ADHD, and 1-2% are autistic. The estimate for neurodevelopmental conditions is about 10 times higher than the 1.3 percent reported in India’s 2011 census.

A conservative estimate states that at least 700,000 neurodiverse students pass the XII boards each year! Majority do not have intellectual disability. Most are very comfortable with computers and smart phones and are trainable. And yet unemployment is as high as 80%!! Let’s keep in mind that 80% is a global statistic extrapolated from studies done in developed countries. In India this percentage would be a lot higher.

The underprivileged of this group end up in menial jobs to earn a living, while the others are supported by their families and treated as unproductive members.

This is at a time when the IT/Tech companies are facing sky-rocketing attrition and soaring salary packages.

The 3 root causes to the problem are:

1) Inherent biases in the hiring process, right from getting past the ATS, to the first call from the recruiter to the interview. They get screened out.

2) Workplaces are not truly inclusive due to which the few who are employed are often unable to sustain and contribute their 100% and flourish.

3) Upto higher secondary level, the school boards provide accommodations. However, this is not carried over to college. As a result, many drop out.

Where others saw a problem we saw an opportunity.

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