There has been learning at every step on our journey over the past 6 months.

The Neurodivergents that we are associated with fall into two broad categories

Group 1 includes those of us with minimal visible signs of differences. We are able to hide/mask our condition and fit in. But pretending to be someone you are not is a huge cognitive load. We want jobs where the environment is conducive and accommodating of our needs – a safe place to grow. Most of us are educated and multi-talented.

Group 2 includes all those who were diagnosed young with a disability and moved into special schools and classes. They were written off at a young age by the system, most of them don’t make it past Class X. They can’t hide their differences. Their families in order to keep them engaged, have them attend MS Office & Graphic Designing classes in good faith but most don’t find any paying jobs. They are stuck in an endless loop of trainings with no jobs in the end, and hence no pay.

Our Solutions

To cater to the first group we offer our “Orchvate Solution” – the Corporate ND Hiring and Integration Program to our corporate partners.

To cater to the second group, we offer to set up “remote-first data annotation units” that will manage and deliver data annotation projects outsourced by corporates. These units will offer a conducive environment for NDs to thrive and chart a growth path for them.

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