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Data Annotation Training 

 Online Data Annotation Skill Training to members at NGOs and specialized training organizations.Eligibility is based on ...

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Awareness & Sensitization

Online workshops by Neurodiverse team of facilitators in academic institutes of higher education to enhance neurodiversity awareness & sensitization ...

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Employability Support

Career mapping of X/XII students and Job seekers Placement Services (Internship/Jobs) Entrepreneurship Support Corporate Networking ...

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What They Are Saying About Us

I am highly satisfied about Orchvate identifying that my son was suited for the Data Annotation profile. This is a very upcoming field with a lot of employment potential and the skills required for Data Annotation could easily be mastered by my son.

I am very satisfied with the Industry Readiness Training provided by Orchvate for Data Annotation. The training sessions were very precise and simple to understand for my son. All sessions were conducted in a small group where the trainees could interact freely with the trainer. Weekly assignments were given out for practicing the new skills learnt each week and the trainers were easily accessible during the week for any doubts/ clarifications.

The training team is extremely patient, friendly, supportive and well experienced to handle our neuro diverse young adults.
I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Rahul Rajesh the trainer and the team for their immense support, guidance and belief in our children.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation

I am a MSc in Chemistry and a Pharma professional, working as QA in RnD. I had no prior knowledge about data annotation. I am very satisfied with the Job readiness coaching in Data Annotation as I observed my son Sai is able to understand the techniques of data annotation using different tools. It indicates that the training is very effective.

We are happy looking at the interest of my son. He is doing his data annotation assignments with an interest which he has not shown in anything ever before. Orchvate Team is very supportive. Before this I was not clear how Sai will start earning and how he will become independent. Now I am happy to see the possibility of a bright independent future opening up.

When Sai met the Industry standards of AI - Data Annotation, it was really a great achievement for me, my Sai and for my husband. We all three are very happy connecting with the Orchvate Team.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation

The Data Annotation training is very innovative and effective. It was of great help to Mahimn, he enjoyed following the techniques of data annotation using different tools. The teachers were very supportive.

I am very happy and satisfied and look forward to my son's future endeavours in this field with Orchvate.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation

I am fully satisfied with the response I received from Orchvate and they were very cordial while identifying my son’s interest towards Data Annotation. My son, Devesh, was always interested in Computer related tasks, and we were not aware of data annotation earlier.

Orchvate helped us identify his abilities in the best possible way.The training has helped Devesh to upskill himself. The industry readiness trainings were conducted in small batches with great attention to each student.

The trainings were precise and have helped Devesh to grasp Data Annotation well. Weekly assignments were given to Devesh, which he thoroughly enjoyed working on. I would like to extend my thanks to Mr. Rahul Rajesh. The entire team of Orchvate was very helpful.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation

I was looking for a path forward after his graduation. Orchvate lead the way. The training and certification was very structured and easy to understand.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation

We thank the Orchvate team for providing this opportunity to Bhumika at a time when we were thinking of which field of expertise will help her to start her career and live independently.

We are thankful to Orchvate for imparting this industry readiness training in the field of Data Annotation. She has mastered the various techniques and the training has helped to boost her confidence and she is eagerly waiting to take new assignments and work independently.

The training faculty are masters in this field and have in-depth knowledge and were very supportive and patient and easily accessible to clear the doubts/clarifications.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation