In the 6 months that we’ve been operational there are three success stories that we are proud of. Let’s tell you about the first one. We call it the “Orchvate Solution”.

Orchvate Solution opened up employment opportunities for the first broad group of neurodiverse people that we were catering to. This Group included those of us with minimal visible signs of differences. We are able to hide/mask our condition & fit in. But pretending to be someone you are not is a huge cognitive load. We want jobs where the environment is conducive and accommodating of our needs. Most of us are educated and multi-talented.

We are partnering with an ed-tech startup to run a paid internship program of 1+3 months period. 11 interns with diverse ND conditions were hired for 3 different roles – Business Development, Content Writing and Graphic Designing.

As you see here, the ND Hiring and Integration Solution included diverse elements.

  • Understood Roles; Designed Inclusive JDs.
  • Floated Requirement. Connected with NDs via tailored trust-based outreach programs.
  • Screened 100+ applications. Interacted with 50+ NDs. Assessed strengths and interests.
  • Shortlisted 14 candidates. Designed powerful Resumes.
  • Conducted Awareness & sensitization training, involving lived experiences.
  • Facilitated Integration workshops; NTs and NDs worked on simulation-based projects.
  • Formulated ground rules and SOPs.
  • Customized Inclusive Hiring Process. Briefed HR and Hiring Managers.
  • Prepared candidates for interviews.
  • Co-designed Intern Training Program.
  • Co-facilitated ND Intern training sessions.
  • Facilitated coaching for Neurotypical Managers.
  • Codesigned and co facilitated skill based assessments for the different roles for selection of candidates post the 1 month of training for internship extension period of 3 months.

To cite some important results that we achieved are:

  • 28% of the candidates passed Orchvate’s initial screening.
  • Stipend budget increased by 56%.
  • Numbers hired in 3 roles increased by 38% (Initial project scope was to hire 5-8 interns but post the hiring discussions company hired all 11 who appeared for the discussions).
  • 100% that is all 11 made it through the interviews.

Last week, 7 January 2022, we got the results. We are proud to announce that all their passed skill-based assessments post-training, meeting the company’s quality & performance metrics.

8 out of 10 have entered the extended internship period of 3 months in 5 roles – business development, market research, content writing, designing course material, and graphic designing.

And of the 2 who did not continue with the internship, one is pursuing her graduation and the other has joined in a full-time role from 3 January 2022!

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