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We are a social enterprise building and running a robust ecosystem for neurodivergents (NDs) to flourish. While our goal is sustainable and meaningful employment for NDs, we found that in order to achieve this we had to build a bridge between the islands that exist among ND individuals, academia, companies & NGOs.

This requires a unique combination of the top-down approach (that’s begun recently with ND hiring initiatives in MNCs) and our bottom-up approach (beginning with the families of NDs to friend circles & interest groups to inclusive schools to colleges to training institutes to companies).

We started as a training & coaching company focused on creating ND inclusive workplaces. We soon found gaps along the entire ‘supply chain’ with companies wanting to hire ND talent and NDs looking for jobs, neither able to find each other and, the rare times they do, failing to build a sustainable relationship. That is the bridge we strive to build and maintain.

We are a neurodiverse team that include corporate leaders & psychologists who have stepped out of their highly successful careers to drive this.

We Orchestrate. We Innovate. We are Orchvate.

We break boundaries. We deliver.

Why We Do
What We Do

A conservative estimate says that at least one out of seven people is neurodiverse.197 million people in the country are neurodiverse of which 10% are dyslexic, 5% are dyspraxic, 4% have ADHD, and 1-2% are autistic. In India alone 700,000 Neurodiverse students finish Class XII every year and many enter college.

The lack of a support system and accommodations at the college level cause many of these incredibly talented folks to drop-out and withdraw from the system. They lose trust. They lose confidence. The unemployment rate for this group is as high as 80%! Many remain unemployed. Few who enter jobs are underemployed. This is at a time when companies are facing sky-rocketing attrition and soaring salary packages.

Do you see incredible opportunity here?

We don’t mean from a ‘CSR’ perspective!
We mean from ‘ a P&L and Balance Sheet ’ perspective. From ‘growing my company ’ perspective! From ‘where is that divergent thinking that can give my company the edge ’ perspective! From ‘ getting that venture funding that I so badly need ’ perspective! .

We have explored this entire ecosystem as no one else could, dove deep and ran experiments with ND inclusive companies.

We found the ‘holes’ that we’ve realized we are uniquely placed to ‘plug’.


How We Do It

Where do we start?

There is no one-size fits all and no single process that’s more effective than ensuring a robust ecosystem for NDs. So, we do many things!

  • ND Awareness & Sensitization Program that are not the armchair kind but involves lived experiences.
  • ND Integration Workshop where corporates learn to work with neurodivergents through simulated projects, run by a neurodiverse team of facilitators.
  • Partner end-to-end with corporates to run Paid Internship Programs for NDs.
  • Weekly Online Data Annotation Trainings . Through aptitude tests we leverage innate strengths, developing data labelling or annotation skills  that enhance employability in the Machine Learning Space. 
  • Network, network and network. We moderate panels on neurodiversity, speak at conferences, and connect with NDs who are not part of the conventional network via tailored trust-based outreach programs.
  • Build a database of ND talent and connect the talent to the right job. The candidate always comes first.
  • Customize the job to fit the candidate enabling them to deliver multiples of what an average employee could.
  • Orchvate Candidate Hiring System for companies who want to reach this talent pool.
  • Orchvate Onboarding System to ensure the ND candidates mesh with the existing teams.
  • The last two is always offered together – The Orchvate Solution.



Dr Ian McDonald  

Director of Field Technical Engagement, Microsoft
ex Worldwide Lead, Microsoft for Startups

Ranga Jayaraman  

Director, Neurodiversity Pathways

Noopur Jhunjhunwala  

Monitoring, Evaluation and Partnerships Lead, UN Women


Avi Yashar  

Co-Founder and CEO, Dataloop AI
Deep Learning & Computer Vision Industry Leader

Natalie D Nurock  

Global Strategy and Field Enablement Lead, Microsoft Orchvate Mentor; Microsoft Female Founders Program

Parasuram Ramamoorthi  

Playwright, Poet and Drama Therapist for Neurodivergents

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What They Are Saying About Us

The Data Annotation training is very innovative and effective. It was of great help to Mahimn, he enjoyed following the techniques of data annotation using different tools. The teachers were very supportive. I am very happy and satisfied and look forward to my son's future endeavours in this field with Orchvate.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation

I was truly amazed at the difference in the degree of professionalism between the resume draft that I had and the one given by Orchvate. I'm sure this was among the major factors that will help me in my career.


Resume Building

I was looking for a path forward after his graduation. Orchvate lead the way. The training and certification was very structured and easy to understand.


Job Readiness - Data Annotation

I really liked the way I was trained to face the interviews, especially the mock interviews. During the job readiness training which is currently happening the mock sales calls are very helpful for my BD role. They make me braver and I feel confident about succeeding in future.


Career Coaching

I knew I was different in certain ways from most others. I’ve been a top performer and yet perfectionism has been a constant anxiety. Today I realized I was not alone. There were many who felt the same – and that was comforting. For the first time I am being able to be open about this.


Awareness & Sensitization

It was an eye opener for me that each person is unique and that needs to be respected. Person remotely working and not being upfront is a style different from mine. I have now started viewing situations from others’ perspectives, not just mine.


ND Integration Workshop

It is good. Orchvate Team was very patient... kind and gave enough space rather than judging me like neurotypicals would... understood my insecurities and fears and atleast respected them unknowingly.


Mentoring & Self-Empowerment

I really liked the way the resume looked and it covered everything from me being ND to almost every achievement I had. You were able to relate and I liked the way you worded it “ND Child to my Parents and Parent to my Autistic brother”


Resume Building

Your Career Coaching and guidance has worked wonders, generated a lot of confidence in the candidates to face the corporate world and the interview process in particular . To me it is an important skill, which will help them forever, on how to prepare and face the interview. Great work!


Career Coaching

I realized neurodiversity was only a variation in the thinking pattern of the brain. I could relate to many neurodivergent traits like keeping my workstation neat and orderly. When such traits are in us, we find them 'normal' and yet when we see it in some others we give labels and they become 'not normal'.


Awareness & Sensitization

The Orchvate team was with me on every step and helped me with everything which made me feel very supported and comfortable.


Mentoring & Empowerment

I realized that certain things that we tend to otherwise overlook could matter so much. Time commitments and clear communication ensuring no ambiguity was essential not just for them, but for me as well as for our project.


ND Integration Workshop

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