Naomi announced that she would skip press conferences at French Open 2021. The simple statement created a furor and a $15K fine imposition leading the 23 year old Worlds No. 1 to withdraw from a Grand Slam event that she could have probably won.

It is shocking how the Press capitalized on this, suggesting she has mental health issues. Sports celebrities like Andy Murray, Sachin Tendulkar empathized with her citing their own traumatic experiences.

Surprisingly, it is sad to see the young brilliant tennis star rationalizing and trying to make amends to her comment by confessing and apologizing to the ruthless media.

Let’s listen to her… “I have suffered long bouts of depression since US Open 2018 ….anyone who knows me, knows I am introverted, anyone that has seen me in tournaments will notice that I’m often wearing headphones as that helped dull my social anxiety.”

Let’s ask ourselves….. “Is she like you or me? Will we ever experience depression after we beat World’s No. 1 and win Grand Slams at the age of 20? Will we want to avoid press conferences that will glorify us for our great performances?

As Psychologists, Mental Health Experts, and Passionate drivers of Neurodiversity, we strongly believe the World minus Naomi needs to be counseled and not Naomi.

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When are we going to accept neurological variations like any other physiological differences? Each person is unique in their neural functioning and that is what makes this world so much better.

Throughout the progress of mankind, it is these divergent brains that have resulted in innovations and master strokes in every sphere, be it Science, Social Reforms, Music, Literature, Art, and Sports. Time and again we have created landmarks because of people like Naomi who come with exceptional abilities and are wired differently. They stand out from the rest and become legends.

We need to create compassionate environments where all Naomis excel without feeling anxious and stressed by allowing them to be their natural selves. Instead we go all out to ensure our Naomis feel stifled and choked and ironically we then say “Naomi Osakas need help”.

Who needs to be treated and counseled - THEY, for making this world more enjoyable for us or US, for making this world unbearable for them?

When mankind progresses to a state where we show signs of losing our humanity that society is truly heading towards Artificial Intelligence and Robotics! God save Us.